Storytelling Dump

It’s summer! Or at least that’s what the calendar says. No matter. A bit of rain has never hurt anyone. At least sitting inside waiting for the rain to pass is a good moment to dump a few bits and pieces you might be interested in.

First off, whole bunch of people forwarded us an article in the Wall Street Journal, containing this gem:

“Since the dawn of language, people have shared stories with others to entertain, persuade, make sense of what happened to them and bond. Research shows that the way people construct their individual stories has a large impact on their physical and mental health. People who frame their personal narratives in a positive way have more life satisfaction.

They also may be more attractive. New research, published this month in the journal Personal Relationships, shows that women find men who are good storytellers more appealing. …”

Go read the whole thing. And unrelated (hah!), we’ve got our new course dates online for the second half of 2016! That’s both beginner courses as well as the second step courses for those who’ve already done the beginner courses.


If you’re a storylover who isn’t just into personal stories and/or the classics, but like us love the moderns like the Pixar works of genius, have a look at some of the considerations that went into writing them:

pixar storytelling

Finally, here’s some Monty Python:

monty story

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