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Hey dear internet friends!

Last time we sent out a mail I asked you to comment on our new weekly mail format. You guys didn’t disappoint me:
34 % Let us know you loved the new format.
29 % Messaged to say they where sorry to see the old format go.
18 % Just wanted to say hi.
13 % Messaged to say you didn’t care about the mail format, but they’d really like the contact info of the cute Spanish girl who comes to some of the nights, and if we know she’s seeing anyone.

  6 % Had the opinion that cutely worded mails where a tool of the bourgeoisie to keep the worker’s revolution at bay. Not quite sure how to respond to that comrade, but keep doing your thing!
So… in an attempt to please all of you all of the time, I’ll do a combination of the two from now on. Highlight three events here, and do a full list in the bottom. Here goes:

Music / May 12th / Shishani & The Namibian Tales ♫

Shishani & The Namibian Tales is an acoustic quartet which combines sounds from different cultures. It merges African music traditions with Afro-American and Western flavours. Shishani’s soothing voice and powerful songwriting finds itsinspiration in the Namibian social and cultural context and blends with cello virtuosity, explorations in Afro Anatolian percussion, mbira music from Zimbabwe, and melodies of the West African kora to provide a journey that traverses numerous musical borders.

Have a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NgBr0RUhcY

Doors: 20.00 / Show: 21.00 / Tickets: € 8,-

Stand Up Comedy / May 24th / Aidan Killian
Aidan Killian is currently on a comedy world tour with over 100 gigs all over the globe. He is a spirited, unique, charismatic and passionate comedian with a rakish charm who has been compared to Tommy Tiernan, Russell Brand and an “Irish Mark Thomas, but without the cosiness” by UK’s main comedy reviewers. Not only was he the only Irish comedian in 2014 to get a 4-star review from Chortle but he did it again in 2015. He is now coming to the Mezrab for one special show before he performs at Glastonbury Festival 2016.

More info about the good man: www.aidankillian.com
Doors 19.00 / Show 20.00 / Tickets € 6,- / Mom&Dad soup available
Storytelling / May 25th / 3 Troubadours: “Mobile Dreams”
On Wednesday we are visited by three international storytellers for a funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of four languages (English, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three perfomers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal, all connected by the language of dreams.

The three performers behind “Mobile Dreams” are Markus Luukkonen (FI), Tom Van Outryve (BE) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO). They met as part of LABO, a yearly laboratory for research and development for professional European storytellers.

That’s it for the highlighted events. Hope to see you at the Mez.

Sahand & Team
PS. Here’s an overview of the rest of the events. You can also find these on our website:
May 11 / Dizzy and the Pitt Kittens / Improv (eng) / Donation based / 20.00
May 12 / Shishani Quartet / See above
May 13 / My True Story / English language storytelling / Donation based / 20.00
May 19 / Balfolk / Folk dancing on live music (instructor present) / € 10,-
May 20 / Storytelling Night / English / Donation based / 20.00
May 23 / Workshop Aidan Killian / See: http://www.mezrabstorytellingschool.nl/
May 24 / Show Aidan Killian / See above
May 25 / Storytelling Show: 3 Troubadours / See above
May 26 / Dutch Storytelling Night / 20.00 / Donation based
PPS, Some of our storytelling friends have started a new story night at the Doka. Next night will be May 28th. Go check them out here:
PPPS, if you’re the cute Spanish girl 13 % of our respondents are asking about, don’t worry, you can tell us if you’re single, we wont pass on the information.

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