Happy (Persian) New Year!

It’s the time again that we decorate the tables with mirrors, candles, flowers, apples and more! As a regular Mezrab visitor you probably know that we get super excited about the coming of the Spring. If you’re a new friend, here’s a few of the reasons why it’s so important to us: for Persians it’s the start of the New Year. Out with the old, in with the new. For storytellers it’s also the celebration of international storytelling day. It’s also the time that we started our Mezrab adventure in the new location, a full year of programming, inviting musicians, storytellers, political activists, painters and more… A year of not just one family running the Mezrab, but a team of friends, volunteers, old and new. It’s a year that we worked extremely hard, sometimes to the point of losing our sanity, a year in which we learned a tremendous amount.


So, here’s to a another year that’s at least as exciting and brewing as the year before. And of course, wishing you by our side as visitor, collaborator, critic, performer and friend.

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