The Personal is the Political

In the last two weeks we had two great political events. One was our Mizrahi night, produced by Gate48, in which we listened to a lecture on the social status and the culture of Mizrahi Jews (Jews from Arab countries) in Israel. Here’s professor Smadar Lavie reading from her book and answering questions:

gate48 in mezrab

The second one was an event about the Inconvenient Revolution in Bahrain. Why inconvenient? Because the world didn’t seem to care much about the tiny island kingdom. Even though the people demanded political reform it would probably endanger the United States military base and might even blow over to the other nations of the Arabian peninsula. Speaking in the night where Bahraini journalists and human rights activists:

bahrainis in mez 3

bahrein mezrab 1

Missed the nights? Not to worry, we’ll add more nights on Israel, Bahrain and other countries of the region. Also, the award winning documentary that we showed at the Bahrain night can be seen fully on the internet. Go watch it, it’s worth your time:

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