Good weekend for story telling

This weekend was awesome for story telling. Here’s a few things that happened for us:

1) Amsterdam Calling made a video about what a night at the Mezrab looks like. They where present at the last My True Story night and it’s a great one to watch and/or to show to friends that you’re trying to convince to come to a night:

2) Mezrab had two slots of storytelling at the Den Haag edition of the Brainwash philosophy festival. After participating in the Amsterdam festival we where happy to be brought back. Host Rod Ben Zeev invited on stage Trista, Ilya and Sahand to share true stories over two sets. One called “Appolonians make love better” and the other “Praise the Dionysian lord”.


3) This Sunday was also the final leg of a story telling meeting between Amsterdam, Antwerp and Mons. Three cities from two countries and two language zones (Mons is Francophone) met over three meetings, bringing out not the usual suspects in storytelling, but a good mix of professionals and amateurs and all cultures. We’re looking forward to setting up more of these international meetings.

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