New Events in March

So, we did it! The crowdfunding was a succes (with over 110% over our stated goal raised). We’re in our great first weekend, with the classic Hardrock Karaoke event on Thursday, the all new Mezrab Comedy Night and a concert by the band Molino. Tonight we’re ending the weekend with our Monthly StorySlam, the show wrestling equivalent of storytelling.

Now having a new space is also a great moment to introduce types of nights we’ve never done before, because we didn’t have the space or the technical facilities. Have a look at the two most exciting ones coming up:


Salon Sonoro is the brain child of Rogier a.k.a. Zé Karlo. A DJ, music programmer and part of the Mezrab team. Years ago he created great live music nights for the Balie, now only one of the things he’ll do for Mezrab is bring a monthly event that combines live acts and funky DJ sets. The first Salon Sonoro is coming up in less than a week. Invite your friends on the Facebook event we created!


The other night that absolutely needs to have a mention is the monthly Mezrab Balfolk night we’re starting. Balfolk is extremely popular in Belgium, but slowly the Netherlands is catching up. At a Balfolk night you get dance on authentic folk music, first under the instructions of teacher and programmer Louise Marius, and afterwards on the uplifting rhythms of the band. Here’s more info on the first night on our website and Facebook.

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