Finally, a new website! (11 days / € 4.614,- to go)

One of the things I’m very proud to present is the new website that will go up with the new location. It’s so sleek, I would marry it if I could. Who knows, in a distant future maybe we can marry our websites. In the mean time, I just have to share it with all of you. If you see it, you will also notice the new logo we have for the Mezrab. Quite a change no? What’s your opinion? Before you head out though, have a look at the logo’s we’ve had so far:



The squigles are the word Mezrab spelled out in Persian calligraphy. It served us well until we moved to our second location, when we also changed to this logo in 2009:


See how the Dutch and the Oriental come together in perfect harmony? We liked it, until we decided last year in our third location that we need a logo that emphasizes storytelling more:


Well, now that we’re moving and bringing back the music, it’s time for another logo change. This time it will be more abstract: You can read the M of Mezrab in it, but also the W of the Wilhelmina, the name of the building that houses us. It’s based on Japanese calligraphy, and has the movement of growth in it, quite fitting for our move, no?

I could put the logo here, but I wont. Check it out on our new website.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Finally, a new website! (11 days / € 4.614,- to go)

  1. Its almost too slick 😉 site looks.. Wow booming! You must Be hiring personnel too? You’re already soo busy! Good luck with the last jump.. Shared on FB, Will do a blog too soon. Dee

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