Not just Amsterdam (23 days / € 8.969,-)

Amsterdam’s made great progress as a storytelling city! There’s stages and groups performing left and right. Good reason to have a look outside of our fair city, but also to do a few preformances on foreign soil! Here’s two shows you might be interested in:

This Tuesday we’re bringing the Mezrab style of storytelling to the UK in a solo show in Newhaven (UK). Do you have any friends out there? Send’em over to this link.

On Wednesday Sahand and some members of the Mezrab Collective play a piece in one of the cutest theaters in the Netherlands, the Rietveld Theater in Delft. The show is part of a series of storytelling shows Mezrab has planned to introduce storytelling in the city of Delft: More info (also in English) can be found here.

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