It’s Alive! (28 days / € 14.055 to go)

There was a time when we used this blog multiple times a week to write about Mezrab stuff that didn’t fit the weekly mail. Story news, music that we liked, or anything really. Now that the Mezrab is about to expand let’s put some life in this dusty blog to keep you updated about our efforts.

After ten years of running the Mezrab in various places we’ve been offered one of the coolest bars of Amsterdam to take over. Since this costs money (more than we have) we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign which runs for another 4 weeks. (Have you donated yet? We’re not going to make it without your help!). Here’s the funding video we’ve made for it:

Speaking of video’s here’s a cool one that our good Mezrab friend Sara made. It’s Mama Mezrab making the famous Ash Reshteh:

That’s it for now, tune in tomorrow for more Mezrab news. And don’t forget to donate!

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