Storytelling in November

Slowly but surely November has become the month for storytelling in the Netherlands (and a bit in Belgium). Of course all shows are mentioned on the Mezrab weekly mail, but I thought it might be handy to have a bit of an overview of story related events that are happening this month and we’re somehow involved in. Have a look:

Saturday Nov 1st – Wereld van Trol – Dutch language storytelling by our good friends Rik, Philip and Bastiaan. All part of the Storytelling Festival in Amsterdam. For this show you get a 50% discount if you come dressed up as a fantasy character! Of course there’s much more happening in the festival, have a look on their site.

Friday Nov 7nd – Dutch Storytelling – The classic open stage storytelling night in the Mezrab. Doors open at 19.00, stories start at 20.00

Saturday November 8th – De Kilte van je Glimlach – A special one time Dutch language show by Sahand Sahebdivani created with the amazing North African Jazz group the Ahaddaf Quartet. Never to be repeated. Show at Podium Mozaiek.

Sunday November 9th – Kingdom of Fire and Clay – The hit Iran vs. Israel show that was created for the storytelling festival last year and has since toured the world. English language. Show at Podium Mozaiek.

Tuesday November 11th – Kingfom of Fire and Clay – Same show we’re doing in Amsterdam, but now in Brussels. More info on the theater site.

Wednesday November 12th – Van Knabbelende Waters en Donkere Poelen – Dutch language storytelling show by the two most impressive women storytellers from the Netherlands and Belgium: Mirjam Mare and Veerle Ernalsteen. Event takes place in Delft.

Friday November 14th – My True Story – The monthly (English) Mezrab night that’s dedicated to True Stories. This month’s theme will be Hallelujah! Stories start at 20.00

Sunday November 16th – Story Slam – Once a month the Mezrab turns into a gladiatorial storytelling arena. Who will remain standing, who will lose honour? Come and find out at the next match.

Thursday November 20th – Speaker of Djinns – Free and epic storytelling show by Sahand and the Mezrab Collective in Delft. More info on the site.

Friday November 21st – Storytelling Night (English) – The monthly open stage for English language stories in the Netherlands.

Sunday November 23rd – Stories from the Underground – The event where storytelling meets social and political causes. Activists come and tell their personal story regarding the issues of today.

Not content with what’s being offered? Then have a look at the site of the True Story Comedians. These guys organize three monthly storytelling events on Saturdays at the Roest and the Ceuvel.

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