Stories in the form of short films

At the Mezrab we’re mad about stories. In all its shapes and forms. That’s why we get so incredibly excited when we find something that shows us a completely new way to pack a narrative. Here’s a variety of interesting finds. The last of the bunch we’ve posted before, but there’s no harm in watching them again or sharing them with friends. Enjoy!

Noah is probably the best 17 minutes you can spend behind your computer right now. A film that completely takes place on the computer screen (with the occasional phone screen added) showing the protagonist Noah interacting with friends and strangers over the internet.

(for some reason I can’t seem to embed the video on our blog, but seriously, do yourself a favor and press on this link: )

Death Ray from Space is probably the best 5 second film out there, but don’t let that stop you from watching a bunch of the others. It’s this type of material the internet is made for really, where else could such a short film have a home? Well, in the early edgy days maybe on MTV between some of the video clips. Remember when MTV had video clips?

For more 5 second films go here:

This film we linked to on the blog just a few posts again, but it’s so great we’ll do it again here. It’s a combination of three disciplines. Part one is the Finnish epic Kalevala that existed as poetry for many centuries before being written down sometime in the 19th century. Part two is the brilliant performance poet Scott Sandwich who recaps the entire thing in ten minutes. Part three is simpel but inspired cinematography. Enjoy:

Armenia (Yerevan City) in 8 minutes

Here’s an example of a completely wordless narrative. Of the Mezrab visitors 99.9 % has probably never seen Yerevan, but it’s a short like this that makes you want to breath the air, wake up with its people. The last minute is quite bizarre, not sure why it’s edited like that.

Well, that’s the ones we wanted to share today. If you’ve got favorites for the blog, send us a link and we’ll include it in the next update!

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