Art and resistance

On twitter someone mentioned it’s strange that dictatorial Iran holds elections and they run without major incidents, while democratic Turkey has a melt down when serious protests happen. Well, all we know is the Middle East is a very interesting place at the moment. And of course we run to the artists to make sense of it. Here’s two things you might find interesting:

A friend sent us a blog that collects the images of resistance. Currently focusing on Turkey:

While your eyes watch here’s something for your ears to listen. A track released by Amsterdam band MyBaby, celebrating the anti government protests around the world:

MY BABY – Take it as a Warning

Take it as a warning,
Parliament is burning, leaders
Take it as a warning
Trapped in the corner, its a warning
Fake leaders, it’s is a warning


Well, who are these once with there crazy eyes?
It must be of children, tired of the lies

Well, our only weapon is our song and dance
Your power is fading and we’re taking a stand

Who’s these children screeming “pay back”!
It must be time for a surprise attack

Who are these children all des-illusioned?
It must be the children of the REVOLUTION

Who’s that young girl with her wolf pack?
It must be time for the big payback

Who’s these childeren all dressed in red?
It must be the children that feel mislead

2 thoughts on “Art and resistance

  1. I guess what we could surmise is that democratic Turkey has some authoritarian characteristics that demand a response, while authoritarian Iran has some democratic characteristics that demand nurturing.

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