Happy New Story Telling Day

One of my frustrations is that World Storytelling Day is observed on the first day of spring. A day that has been celebrated by Iranians as their New Year for a few millenia. As an Iranian-Dutch Storyteller I feel torn, having to choose between gigs and family time. Some years I ignore the storytelling events, other years the Persian New Year celebrations and the family time that goes with it.

This year I don’t really have a choice, one of the main storytelling events, in which Dutch storytellers connect with storytellers from around the world via Skype, will be held at the Mezrab. At the same event the Dutch storytelling community will announce who the Dutch Storyteller of the year will be, and I’ve been nominated as one of the five candidates.

You are of course all welcome to join us at this event. We start our story connection at 16.00, Between 20.00 and 22.00 the storyteller of the year will be announced.


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