Songs of the Revolution part… (I lost count)

After the contested Iranian elections of 2009, a few artists emerged as voices of the oppressed. One is Shahin Najafi, Singer/Rapper who had to go into hiding when his satirical song about one of the Shi’a Imams was deemed offensive by Iranian clerics. The other is Mohsen Namjoo, singer-songwriter with a crazy talent for classical lyrics and singing techniques with modern texts and orgasmic shouts.

A third artist who’s been at it for quite a while, but definately got a wider following in the past years is political cartoonist Mana Neyestani. Drawing for Radio Zamaneh and Mardomak, his iconic images of Basij and Sepah officers are probably the first thing people think of when considering the forces that oppress the Iranian people.

Now they’ve joined forces to produce a new song (by Najafi, Namjoo singing the refrains, Neyestani designing the cover), which I’m sure will delight some and offend others. The song is subtitled, but as is often the case trying to translate political poetics, many of the double entendres are lost. Anyway, have a listen here:

Here’s another musical bit to warm the heart, a report about hip hop hijabees. Go Feminist Islam!


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