Girl Power is alive and well thank you very much!

Iran has claimed it has sent a Monkey into space about a week ago. If it’s true I’m sure it was the work of some very serious looking scientist fellas, using the countries finest scientific facilities, and all the luck to them! The sooner they are capable of launching a human, the sooner current president Ahmadinejad will board that missile. He stated today he’s absolutely willing to be the first person to be launched by Iranian scientists:

However, if and when they succeed, they’re still a long way from a claim made by Iran many years ago: that an Iranian high school girl had enriched Uranium in her kitchen using regular supplies such as a rice cooker. We will never know whether that particular statement is true, given the difficulties the International Atomic Agency faces when requesting to inspect certain sites. But until we do find out, here’s another girl science power video to warm the hearts. A project in which a couple of 12 year old girls send a kitten to space and back. Enjoy:



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