Mezrab Song! (And we’re back)

So, that was the summer (sort of). It was great to unwind and lounge in the sun like a lizard. We also experimented with outdoor storytelling, with the support of the Tolhuistuin. In July and August we performed there a Friday each for audiences of over 100 people. Now that the days will get shorter and the rains will start to come, we will focus on getting the music nights back in our wonderful new location at the Wilhelmina Pakhuis.

Mike, one of the storynight visitors surprised us with this song he wrote inspired by the Mezrab. We’re proud to share it with you:

There’s at least two more songs written for/inspired by the Mezrab. One is a trippy number by Supercity:

The other is written and performed by Branko Galoic. I’ll share it as soon as I find an online recording of it.

Well, there you have it. I hope to see you soon at one of the storytelling/music events.

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