Storytelling in Animation

A few years ago cartoonist Marjane Satrapi baffled the world with Persepolis, her rendition of her childhood memories. As a ten year old girl she’d seen the Iranian revolution come and go and in a style as simple and innocent as a child can be retold the events in a comic book. The book and the animated film were a big hit around the world. While Satrapi is a great artist she was not a pioneer, she opened the eyes of the world to an artform that has been going strong for decades. Especially Jewish artists have narrated many great stories in comic book form. How ill chosen that name “comic” is, when it sometime deals with the heavy burdens of our lives.


For someone who’s been struggling with the idea of how to translate a short story into a nice video (often simply recording a live performance is not enough) this short animation is a godsend and should serve as an inspiration for all. Caroline Leaf, my personal animation/storytelling hero, tells us the story of a boy who’s waiting for his grandmother to die so he will get the room that’s promised to him.


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