Action Storytelling

We’re very excited about our storytelling events in the Mezrab this week. Not only are we trying out a new venue today (for once we’re not in the East of Amsterdam, but in the Cameleon theater in West) but Rod Ben Zeev, one of our regular hosts, is organizing a Mezrab storytelling event in Chicago in a few days. Rod and I spoke a fair big about this event and the thought behind it: can Storytelling be used to facilitate social change?


It’s a question that’s not hard to answer. When you bring together people from different ethnic and social backgrounds to meet each other and share their personal stories you are already facilitating change. But can this be taken some steps further? A while ago Mezrab was invited to perform at a cleaner’s strike in the city of Utrecht. The strikers loved it, it was  a nice break from political speeches.


However, what Rod does is a bit different. He’s not just providing entertainment to an already political crowd, he’s invited people to talk about their personal lives, like we already do at the real life storytelling event. But this time the stories revolve about the impact issues have had that could be drastically changed by current or future policies.


We’re very curious how the night will go, how the storytellers will connect to the audience. Will they be moved or dismiss it as political propaganda. Is it an interesting one off, or should it be repeated, in different countries, for different people?


Here’s a link to the Facebook invite to the Chicago event. Please tell your friends about it, and do go!


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