Storytelling (Persian)

This post will mostly be interesting for Persian speakers. Apologies for non Persians, but I’ll make it up to you next week. Besides, you could always impress your Iranian friends by sending the link of this entry to them.

A while ago I talked about the impact papa Mezrab, mr. Ali-Reza Sahebdivani had on storytelling in the Netherlands. Though he doesn’t consider himself a storyteller, it’s his retelling of stories and the way they were told back in the day that has inspired some youngsters to experiment with the craft. The great thing is though, at the age of 66, after being pushed by many people Ali-Reza is now writing his own show at Radio Zamaneh. It’s called Bes’haq’s Kitchen. It’s billed as a cooking show, though the food is only an excuse to dive into old literature and talk about the old days. If you still remember the Iran of some decades ago, you’ll definately recognize some of the things he mentions, if you’re too young to remember, you’ll learn a thing or two. Either way, you’ll have a good laugh.

Here’s a link to the first episode:

Have fun!

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