Happy New Storytelling Year!

One would think that when there are so many Iranian storytellers, some of them would have protested at deciding the first day of spring is the international day of storytelling. Why? Because it’s also the Iranian (as well as Kurdish, Azeri and Afghan) New Year! So each year Iranian storytellers are torn between two loves, either to visit and perform at the New Year festivities, or to go to one of the storytelling events.

For those who are curious about the storytelling events that happen in this period, here’s a few you might want to visit in Amsterdam:

– On March 20th the Mezrab opens its doors for an international day of storytelling. Between 16.00 and 22.00 we will make skype connections starting in Japan (one of the first countries to welcome spring) and moving west.

– On March 21st Mezrab’s Sahand Sahebdivani has been invited to perform together with the British-Jamaican Jan Blake:

The performance will not be in the Mezrab, but in the Bagels and Beans in Bos en Lommerweg.

– On March 25th Mezrab will have a storytelling event for kids (of all ages).

For full info about times and addresses, please visit the calender at http://www.mezrab.nl/

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