Storytime #3. Gordafarid in story and dance.

The story of Gordafarid is one of resistance. She is a female character in the Shahname, the Persian book of epic stories that was written down one thousand years ago. When the country is invaded by Sohrab, the son of Rostam, and no one dares to fight him she decides to put on armor and face him.

Gordafarid is also the name of an Iranian Naghal, a traditional storyteller. She tells stories in a time that less and less people are interested in the old stories, or can even read them properly. She is one of the last to study with the old masters. She is also the only female traditional storyteller. In a time when many stages bar the performance of a woman. There is now a great documentary about her, put online in its entirety by Gordafarid for you to enjoy:

Another hero of Iranian arts is Shahrokh Meshkin Ghalam. He knows that dance is considered immoral by many in our society, and because of this there is classical dance. He is one of the few dancers who has decided to create Iranian dance by himself, by mixing elements from folk dance, sufi dance and other traditions. Here one of his short choreographies, depicting the battle of Sohrab and Gordafarid:

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