Monday Mixtape #5: Dutch HipHop

When Mezrab started the storytelling nights almost eight years ago it was a conscious decision to hold the first ones in Dutch. Though people speak good English here producing art in your native tongue is something else. But imagine us having to convince the Dutch about the beauty of their language! Today half the singles in the charts are in Dutch when we grew up many people were convinced their own language was not beautiful enough to write with, tell stories in or use to sing. In those days a pop song or a rap track in Dutch was an act of rebellion, swimming upstream and remolding the clay of “Nederlands” into new forms and shapes. To celebrate how far “Nederhop” has come and for your Monday afternoon amusement we bring you the dopest tracks in the genre:
Extince / Kaal of Kammen
Extince was one of the first to rap in the Netherlands, though not in Dutch initially. When he did start his producing Dutch tracks the Amsterdam group Osdorp Posse dissed him for trying to cash in on what they had started. This track is his response to them, showing with lyrical virtuosity and mastery of the funk that while not the first he is indeed greatly fun to listen to.
Opgezwolle Eigen Wereld: 
Zwolle is a tiny town in the Netherlands, but it’s been a breeding ground for crazy rappers. Opgezwolle (literally “Swollen Up”, but an obvious reference to their home town) create their own world, not only the title of this track, but showing how far removed they are from the rest of the world by the style of their music and a brilliant trippy videoclip.
De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig / Watskeburt?!
In 2005 the hit of the summer was this nonsensical number filled with made-up words. Ironically the song that parodies many HipHop conventions launched the careers of three rappers who never managed to replicate their first success. The producer of this Amsterdam group is none other than Bastian, a musician who deserves a whole Monday Mixtape list to himself.
Duvel Duvel / Wie is ut?
It’s no coincidence the rappers of the group Duvel Duvel don’t appear in the clip. When the advertising agency Habbekrats decided to make the clip for the single they didn’t have permission to make one. Since their clip was cooler than what most other labels were producing, it not only became the official clip for the group, but it also gave Habbekrats the chance to collaborate with other Hiphop artists.
Dio ft. Sef / Aye
The clip of this Dutch track, also produced by Habbekrats, is an homage to the roots of Hiphop. Created to look like it was shot in the 80ies with the technology then available (and by accident taped over a German porn film). Honestly, with tracks like this Dutch Hiphop firmly places itself among the best of the world. Enjoy!

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