Music Monday #3: Rod Ben Zeev’s Top Five

Rod Ben Zeev is not only one of Amsterdam’s most talented improv actors, he’s also the initiator of one of Mezrab’s hottest nights, the “My Real Story” second Friday of the month storytelling event. Since he’s traveling the world for a while and we do miss him, we’ve asked him to give us his favorite pieces of music. Not only did he take time off from trekking the Australian desert to write this, he showed us that he’s a man with big cojones. Who else would dare to include the Backstreet Boys in his top 5? Enjoy!

5. I Got a Man! / Positive K.

This Positive K duet cracks me up while I’m dancing which cracks other people up. So it’s just a good time all around. I always wanted to tell someone: “Are you a chef? Cause you keep feedin’ me soup!”
4. Too Much Love Will Kill You / Queen
Freddy is amazing. Never try to Karaoke anything by him if you’re not a professional. This song always makes me break down on the inside. It’s so beautiful and represents all the beauty about being passionate about something you love.
3. Breathe Me / Sia
I recently “discovered” this song because I watch Six Feet Under and this is the soundtrack to the most incredible montage I have ever seen in the final episode of the show. I don’t think you need to watch all 63 episode of the show to appreciate the layering of this but it’s a nice payoff if you do.
2. I Want it that Way / Backstreet Boys
Yes, I know I’m publicly saying that I love this Backstreet Boys song. But who doesn’t, really. When I listen to this ballad, I’m just like the Chinese boys doing the video with so much emotion in their dorm room. It’s a guilty pleasure like so many other songs we love so let’s just admit it and end all this war and hunger.
1. Graceland / Paul Simon
This is Paul Simon’s title song from my favorite album… ever. It takes me back to a time when I was a kid in the back of my dad’s Citroen, singing along to the entire album on long drives and dreaming of being able to sit in the front seat one day. I realized that dream and my new dream is to sing the entire album in a live concert in front of real people.

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