Storytime #1: Molly’s Wedding

Mezrab champions storytelling. Long in the future, when our present has passed from history into myth, Mezrab will be a stocky young hero who rides across the kingdom showing the people the wonders in the world. He will open eyes, comfort hearts and make grown men cry. And our hero will be a popular one because he quests across borders and gathers wonderous treasures from every corner of the globe to share with his chosen people.

Those of you who’ve been to one of our storytelling nights will know that this is true. To become truly legendary, we need to share beyond our whitewashed walls in Oost.

So, here is the first installment of our Storytime series. We’ll be posting audio and videos of some of our favourite stories from our (soon to be) legendary tellers.

So, for a step toward immortality and, more importantly, five minutes well spent, we heartily recommend you listen to the following story, be the lovely Molly.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to Moein Mosleh for the wonderful photographs in this post.

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