Connecting Power / Visualizing Change

The past year saw great turmoil and change in the Arab world. We saw the fall of the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and there’s unrest still in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and to a lesser extent in many other countries of the region. Mezrab has been working on a video that emphasizes the need to continue and strengthen the struggle by connecting and spreading information in between the countries. The idea isn’t just to watch the video and spread it with your friends and contacts (though that’s a good start), but to visit our list of identified hubs and also spread the links of the sites and hubs that inform or inspire you.

The list of Hubs can be found here.

This video is also available in Arabic:
on Youtube.
and on Vimeo.

and in Persian:
on Youtube.
on Vimeo.

and here are the links in English:
on Youtube.
on Vimeo.

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